A quick and easy way to freshen up the most boring room. If you need out-of-the-box decor or inspiration for new adventures, this map is your best bet!

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Size: M (100x60cm)
Style: Prime (with names + Antarctica + free flags)
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Empty wall is not a solution

Traveling is a wonderful experience that enriches our lives and broadens our horizons. However, memories of our adventures can fade over time, which is why it's essential to save them in a tangible form. We offer innovative solutions to help you preserve your travel memories and relive your journeys for years to come.




Installation takes 20 minutes - Even a child can do it

Simply match several pieces of card on the wall using templates and attach to special double-sided silicone adhesive tape or holders

Product specification


Birch Plywood

Default language

English (can be customized)

International patent


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Wooden World Map - it's a Fashion created by generations

The world map is an enduring masterpiece that has remained fashionable and resilient for generations. It showcases the countries, oceans, and continents of our planet, serving as a tool for both education and inspiration. The world map has evolved over time, from simple sketches to intricate designs that are available in vintage, antique, modern, and minimalist styles. Our handcrafted wooden wall maps offer a plethora of benefits that go beyond the timeless look of wood.

Whatever Your Interior Style, It’s not Complete Without a World Map 

Our wood maps combines quality and creativity with time-tested wood types, resulting in a beautiful and durable product. Made of birch plywood, our wooden maps are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring longevity. Moreover, the elegant map design successfully transforms the mood of any room or space, providing excellent value for your money. In addition to being a stunning work of art, the world map can educate children about geography, history, and culture, sparking discussions about different countries and their traditions. In summary, our handcrafted wooden world maps offer a beautiful and informative addition to any home or office.

Incorporate a world map into your room as:

  • A family-friendly décor choice
  • The best look without too many efforts
  • A travel inspiration 
  • An earth-friendly décor


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